We’ve categorised our library of practical support and highlighted some key information below, making it even easier for you to find the relevant material for you and your business.
Survive and Revive

Our support programme for businesses that are looking for ways to rebuild, reshape or evolve their operations.

Business support directory

Our support directory has businesses we’ve worked with before, to support and guide your business through this time.

Mental wellbeing

A summary of some of the ways you can help manage your mental health and that of your colleagues and employees.


From improving the UX of your e-commerce site, to utilising public relations, our curated list of useful toolkits will help you navigate through coronavirus and beyond.


Sustainability and business. What is it and how can you improve it? We’re here to support you and your business as you look to survive and revive.


Providing you with the tools and resources to ensure your employees wellbeing during coronavirus and beyond.

All support content

Article - 28th Sep 2020

We’re committed to supporting business of all sizes to adapt and overcome the challenges that this pandemic has presented us. Our support directory includes the details of businesses we've worked with before. They have a wealth of knowledge and information to support and guide your business thro...

For those taking their first steps towards creating a more sustainable business, the path forward can appear vague and challenging, but a few small actions can have a significant impact for your sustainability ambitions. You can hear more about improving your impact in the final webinar of our bu...

Article - 5th Aug 2020

Every business has stakeholders – those groups that are affected by or affect the company’s operations, and considering the impact you have on these your stakeholders is an important piece in the sustainability puzzle. Increasingly businesses aiming to become more sustainable are putting in pl...

Article - 5th Aug 2020

Map your stakeholders and how your business practices affect them For the last 50 years, most businesses have operated based on shareholder primacy. This model states that the only responsibility of a business is to create value for the shareholder and that it must do everything in its power to me...

We’ve hosted a series of Survive and Revive webinars together with B Lab UK, the charity behind the B Corporation (B Corp) movement. Businesses can be certified as a B Corp if they achieve the highest standards of sustainability. The webinar series aims to help businesses looking for ways to reb...

Discover three key elements in building loyal customer relationships for your business. Good customer relationships are important, but how do we achieve them? Most companies understand the importance of good customer relationships; not all of them manage to have them. There are three strategies to...

Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business, but how can your organisation develop this into customer loyalty? First of all, what defines a good customer relationship? We believe there are three main elements to a good customer relationship. First of all, good relations should be self-...

The lockdown and social distancing policies imposed in the UK over the past few months have led to a surge in online shop, a trend which many people expect to continue even when life returns to normal. This means it is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure their internet activity...

Article - 24th Jul 2020

Our business support programme - Survive and Revive , has been created to help businesses that are looking for ways to rebuild, reshape or evolve their operations in response to coronavirus. As lockdown eases, we continue our commitment to businesses of all sizes to adapt and thrive. As the enviro...

James Brewster from Dentsu X explains how companies can use search-engine optimisation (SEO) to deliver new customers and drive business growth The coronavirus pandemic has only served to increase the emphasis that businesses should place on selling online.

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