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From improving the UX of your e-commerce site, to utilising public relations, our curated list of useful toolkits will help you navigate through coronavirus and beyond.

With almost 25 years of experience in risk governance, strategy and exposure in both the retail and commercial environments, Richard Wilkins is Elavon Europe’s Head of Credit. He outlines five things business owners should consider as we face a new landscape.

Thinking of trading online? The current social and economic climate – with much of the world in lockdown and many bricks-and-mortar stores forced to temporarily close their doors – has meant many businesses are now looking to operate online instead.

Through our partnership with Elavon, a leader in payment processing they’re actively working with card brands to bring you the most up to date information in relation to chargebacks.

In collaboration with Elavon we look at some of the challenges businesses face while operating under COVID and share how you might create opportunities by changing your business model, selling online and using digital tools to maintain customer relationships. We’ve collaborated with Elavon, our partner and leader in payment processing to help you transition taking your business online. This webinar is free and designed for all business owners who are already online or those who have never been online.

In collaboration with Elavon we look at some of the challenges businesses face while operating under COVID and how we can help businesses in South West and South Wales deliver a safer payment experience.

The lockdown and social distancing policies imposed in the UK over the past few months have led to a surge in online shop, a trend which many people expect to continue even when life returns to normal. This means it is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure their internet activity...

Sam Selbie of the creative agency Whitespace explains how improving the user experience (UX) in website design can boost revenues The explosion of e-commerce in recent months is set to endure well beyond the coronavirus pandemic. But are you maximising the opportunity? Research shows that well-des...

James Brewster from Dentsu X explains how companies can use search-engine optimisation (SEO) to deliver new customers and drive business growth The coronavirus pandemic has only served to increase the emphasis that businesses should place on selling online.

Raising awareness of your business and what you can offer your customers has never been more important, with recent research showing that 60% of SMEs are concerned about how they will attract customers back to their business in the wake of Covid-19. Telling your business’ story in a strong and c...

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