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Ava Brown

Founded in 2019, Mango Girl creates products inspired by nature. We carefully hand select all our ingredients to ensure Mango Girl is gentle on your family’s hair and skin. We want to be your ‘head to toe’ go to range, giving the beautiful results and quality you need, at the price you want.

Why I started my business

As therapy, after a divorce that saw me lose almost all I had, I started making body butter. It was calming to see a hard rock churned into a creamy, soft mix. As I churned, it felt as though my problems disappeared, and I found myself in a better place.

About me

CEO and founder of TheMangoGirl - multi-award-winning international speaker, author and transformation mindset business coach.

I prove that your past doesn't have to determine your future. I’ve mastered my mindset and love to help others do the same. I coach, train and speak globally to help people shift their mindsets to change their lives, businesses and ultimately affecting their bottom-line.  

I’ve published my autobiography, The Mango Girl, which is also the name of my natural skin and haircare brand - and I call myself #themangopreneur. I’ve achieved so much thank to my biggest mantra, Mindset Shift.

My main role model in life and/or business

People who are underdogs, those who don’t give up and pick themselves up after they fall. People like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Oprah Winfrey and Eleanor McEvoy.

My biggest achievement in business

My biggest achievement in this business and seeing how much people love our products. We get amazing reviews on Trustpilot and the feedback from our clients has been great.

Challenges I’ve faced in business and how I’ve overcome these

My biggest challenge has been funding and sponsorship as well as the unconscious bias.  Going to pitch to rooms where no one looks like me. So, to build my business, I’ve had to rely on friends, family and crowdfunded support.

Advice I’d give to someone currently starting or growing a business

Being an entrepreneur is hard; you have to believe in your dreams when no one else will.

Learn to ask for help when you need it. The support is usually there, however, if you don’t ask, no one knows what you need. So, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Don’t take no for an answer. I see every no, as a step closer to a yes. I also have come to appreciate that no doesn’t necessarily mean never – it may just mean not now.

Invest in yourself. If you do not look after yourself, who will? 

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